Cherokee Language and Spirituality lessons, the Traditional Way


We will keep the ways that the creator made for us sacred.

Unlock the Cherokee Language With One on One Instruction

Think, Act, Live Cherokee

Meet Your Guide

JW Webster

“With the right teacher, you will learn how to think like a Cherokee so you can speak like a Cherokee.”

I was raised in a traditional Cherokee home. I grew up with family members who were traditional healers who understood the importance of our teachings and how it allows us to see that we are a part of this world and not the masters of it. They taught me that being humble, thankful and joyful no matter how little we had was empowering. From the age of 14, I was spending my time visiting Elders and recording old terms and words that were no longer being used in order to save that knowledge.


I have spent my entire life believing in a single goal--that I have to find a way to make learning Cherokee more understandable and easier for you! Therefore, I developed a teaching method that would allow students to acquire Cherokee thought. By explaining traditional practices and customs, and how they shape the beliefs behind the meaning of the words, you will be able to see the world from a Cherokee perspective which gives you valuable insight with regards to how we speak Cherokee. Wado!

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Cherokee is a Journey, I’ll Guide You Every Step of the Way

"It's difficult to learn Cherokee language because I don't know anyone who speaks it!"...Sound familiar?

I have heard from many people who feel the same as you! Many people weren't raised in a traditional Cherokee home or they would like to understand the Cherokee worldview. Without access to Cherokee culture, it is impossible to gain a first-hand understanding of what it means to 'Think Cherokee'!

Not all programs, textbooks, or websites are able to answer your specific questions or you just can't reach someone when you really need guidance about a topic you are reading. Without that much needed guidance, your frustration can start to discourage you and even destroy your enthusiasm to learn.

Today, Indigenous peoples world-wide are facing extinction! We are losing our languages, spiritual views, cultures, and our values. When facing such a threat, we cannot afford for YOU to not have adequate resources! Imagine being one of two remaining English speakers. The problem is you live on one side of the world and the remaining speaker lives on the other. With no means to communicate, you both are lonely and starving for social interaction with each other.

Think Cherokee programs are designed to be the bridge between the two speakers. By providing the bridge that will allow open communication, YOU can have first-hand instruction designed to make your learning experience authentic and sincere--WITHOUT the frustration!

My Promise to You

How do the programs work? By teaching you to Think Cherokee, you will learn the spiritual, and socio-linguistic aspects that are required to inherit an intimate understanding of our language. Traditional practices, customs, beliefs, and spirituality are deeply embedded in Cherokee expression and those teachings are necessary for a clear understanding of how to articulate the language in a pure and authentic way.

With benefits of the socio-linguistic approach, you not only gain a profound understanding of Cherokee traditional world-views but you also gain... Authentic, Traditional Cherokee Instruction All programs and sessions gain you access to one-on-one instruction with a traditional Cherokee speaker.

If you have studied independently and a full course doesn't fit your needs--personalized sessions are for you! Individual one-hour sessions allow you to refine your study by utilizing your time with the instructor and get the answers you need.

Hear Those Who Have Come Before You ...

"JW is an extraordinary teacher of Cherokee language & culture. With JW's unique language learning system, you will not only learn how to speak Cherokee, but how to think, act, and live like a Cherokee. As a scholar, pedagogue, and fluent speaker, he is unsurpassed." Nicholas Belmore Harvard University

"The instructor is amazing for the way he connects with students and is able to talk about Cherokee in intriguing and fascinating ways. He makes sure that students know more than just the meaning: He goes into detail to explain the literal meaning and why it is that way.." Raul Rangel

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Cherokee Language Beginner:

The Cherokee Beginner course is a structured program that will introduce you to Cherokee phonology (sounds of the language), phonetic system (how Cherokee is written using English letters), Cherokee tones, and survival terms.

Cherokee Langauge Intermediate:

The Cherokee Intermediate course allows you to experience a more in-depth look at how Cherokee people view the world. By introducing you to grammar and traditional Cherokee spiritual views, you will be able to explore the world of Cherokee expression.

Cherokee Language Advanced:

The Cherokee Advanced sessions help you to expand your knowledge of the language by analyzing traditional stories, Cherokee verb forms, and a simplified approach to Cherokee grammar.

Cherokee Spiritual Life:

The Cherokee Spiritual Life session allows you to experience and learn traditional Cherokee spirituality, customs, beliefs, and practices. If you would like to learn about Cherokee spirituality and life- ways or perhaps you would like to bring traditional ways to your own home--these sessions are designed for you and open to anyone. This course would also be valuable to language students because spiritual insight enables you to think in Cherokee which helps you learn Cherokee expressions more efficiently and naturally.

Personalized Session: 1 hour

These individual sessions are designed for students who are at any language level and wish to have specialized instruction. If you would like to have more detailed explanations regarding Cherokee language or spiritual life...YOU CAN!!